planned parenthood birmingham 1, abortion, rape.png’s Lila Rose has a post up at revealing additional violations found by the AL Dept. of Public Health at the Birmingham Planned Parenthood.
Recall last week the state of AL placed Birmingham PP on a 1-year probation following Lila’s undercover video sting exposing PP workers’ willingness to help a pregnant 14-year-old girl cover up statutory rape by her 31-year-old “boyfriend” – and avoid parental consent to boot.
Now Live Action has received a copy of the ADPH Statement of Deficiencies indicating PP was charged with additional violations. The SOD showed, according to Lila’s post…

9 out of 9 underage girls, aged 13 to 15, received abortions without proper verification of parental consent. A 13-year-old girl came to the clinic for 2 different abortions within 4 months. PP made no report of suspected abuse or neglect.

All of these were actual patients seen by the Birmingham PP after Lila’s sting – as recently as July 2009.
That latter 13-year-old told staff she first had sex at age 12 and in that short time frame had had a total of 4 sex partners, culminating in 2 abortions. Staff did not inquire or report suspected abuse. When ADPH asked about this, the intake employee responded the girl “never gave her any reason to think she was neglected.”
Remarkably, ADPH found there was no record of after-hours calls to PP’s answering service between April and August 2009. When staff checked, they found 55 calls had been placed. According to the report:

It was not until the surveyors requested the answering service records from 4/09 to be faxed over that the Center staff became aware there had in fact been after hour calls received. Some of the calls required physician notification.

That was just incredible.
In addition the ADPH found 2 expired suction machines in the storeroom not marked as unusable, making it likely they were both still being used for abortions.
The ADPH investigation took place in August 2009. Surveyors found the building temp to be 90 degrees, even in the OR, where a staffer assisting the abortionist was noted with “a plastic apron, hair cover, and mask with sweat standing out on her face and neck.” PP employees said the air conditioning was broken.
Investigators also found an open vial of 2-year-old expired medication with a syringe and needle attached.
As Lila wrote:

PP’s license should be revoked now, and the ADPH should begin an immediate investigation of PP’s second AL clinic in Mobile. Meanwhile, the AL legislature should make sure that not a single tax dollar is being funneled into these abortion clinics. It should shock and outrage Americans that the government rewards corruption at PP with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. In fact, a whopping third of PP’s billion-dollar budget is subsidized by tax dollars.
It should also outrage us that out of 5 states our team of student journalists investigated, only the ADPH followed up with an audit and disciplinary action. What kind of sexual abuse cover up and other legal violations are commonplace in all the other clinics, and the hundreds of clinics we have yet to investigate?

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