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by Susie Allen, TN pro-life activist

  • At MommyLife, proud mother Barbara fills us in on the ending of daughter Maddy’s American Idol journey. Even though she didn’t advance on AI, she is receiving better invitations to speak and perform at pro-life events and True Love Waits. It shouldn’t be surprising that God can use the things of the world to accomplish His purposes. View the video below, with Maddy’s section beginning at 3:45…
  • Blue Wave Canada updates us on Queen’s Alive, the pro-life club at the U of Victoria that is in jeopardy of losing its status over accusations of harassment. Two posters are under fire, and they aren’t even graphic. One is simply of a laughing baby with the caption, “Is this the face of the enemy?” And now the BC Civil Liberties Association is getting involved. Here’s a news story on the battle…

  •           When the Canadian version of the ACLU sides with the pro-life group, you
              know it’s bad, and a further evidence that pro-choice means “my choice           only.”
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  • Two women have children with men, then become men, then have another child (together) through artificial insemination.
    See 2 Seconds Faster to read about the whole confusing mess.
  • Jay at the Life Training Institute blog gives us some insight to President Obama’s recent speech at the National Prayer Breakfast:
  • In the course of his speech, President Obama recalled the efforts of Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and William Wilberforce as examples of people who saw God in the faces of their enemies.

    Here is where President Obama’s delusion is most apparent. He is so eager to cast himself in the light of those great men and see similarities in the resistance they faced that he misses the common thread that unites them and excludes him….
    …This is a man who sees no contradiction in claiming that he is not qualified to address the humanity of unborn while implementing and supporting policy that expresses the most radical concepts of abortion on demand….
    Such moral insensitivity is not likely to produce a man that will join the ranks of the great moral crusaders in history….

    [Photo via the 2 Seconds Faster]

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