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by Susie Allen, TN pro-life activist

  • The Sicle Cell points out the impact of low population growth as it relates to American economy and housing….
  • Pro-Life in TN posts a revealing Portland Mercury interview with Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards, who believes birth control is “the smartest investment the federal government can make, so I think they should just be dropping it out of airplanes and it should be free for every woman.”
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  • Mark Pickup gives us an update on the case of baby Isaiah May (pictured left) from Canada, whose case was set to be heard again this week. Isaiah’s parents are seeking a court injunction against the doctors who want to remove his respirator, and are asking for 90 more days to give their son a chance for improvement.
    There is a Facebook group set up for support and prayers.

  • At, Bobby Schindler writes about the latest finding of the New England Journal of Medicine on evidences of awareness in patients previously diagnosed with “persistent vegetative state”:
  • It is also because of the results of this latest study and the traditionally high failure rate in the PVS diagnosis that we need to stop using it as a guideline to kill those in these so-called PVS conditions.
    There are many in the legal and medical profession who choose not to see what we saw in Terri’s behaviors and what these imaging studies reveal about the human brain. It is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that the lives of vulnerable people are not needlessly ended by flawed diagnostic practices, careless legislation or the idea that a person with a disability must prove themselves worthy of life’s most ordinary needs: food and water.

  • Pro-Life Action League reports some interactions between the Chicago PD and pro-lifers over the new Bubble Zone law. One officer, who is clearly unaware of the law, even tries to scare pro-lifers by telling them they could be arrested for “panhandling”:
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