UPDATE, 5:49p: Katie Walker, communications director for American Life League (which produced the 1987 pro-life Giants’ video discussed in the post below) has a great op ed in today’s Washington Post, “Tim Tebow, pro-life and what women want.”
Giants, Super Bowl, 1987, abortion, pro-life.jpg11:52a: The Washington Post op ed I spotlighted earlier today by former NARAL president Kate Michelman and former Catholics for Choice president Frances Kissling contained a fascinating section worthy of its own post. I had no idea…

Tebow is not the first football star to look into a camera and talk about birth, life and choices. In 1989, Wellington Mara, then the co-owner of the NY Giants, helped produce a 9-minute video featuring members of his 1987 Super Bowl championship team….

Mara was on the board of directors of the anti-abortion American Life League, and the group widely distributed the video to churches, schools and pro-life organizations. It didn’t air on broadcast television, much less on Super Bowl Sunday. But its extreme antiabortion language contrasts sharply with the warm and fuzzy – and even inspirational – message of the Tebow ad.
The 1989 video features tight end Mark Bavaro catching a touchdown pass and saying: “At the end of the game, all the Giants players left the field champions. Now with the abortion death squads allowed to run rampant through our country, I wonder how many future champions will be killed before they see the light of day.”
George Martin, an African American defensive end, compares Roe v. Wade, which said “unborn babies have no rights,” to the “shameful Dred Scott decision that said that black people have no rights.”

phil simms, football card, pro-life, abortion.jpg

And Phil Simms, the star quarterback who is now the NFL game analyst for CBS and who will be part of the broadcast next Sunday, also makes an appearance.
He describes picking up a newspaper the day after the ’87 Super Bowl victory and noticing a “little item” that got much less attention than the game: a report stating that there are “an average of 4,400 babies are killed every day by abortion.” Simms concludes: “Suddenly, my statistics seemed very insignificant.”

Here is a 2:16 clip from that video…

Sure enough, former Giants QB Phil Simms, MVP of the 1987 Super Bowl, even has his own pre-game show this Sunday. Will feminists next attack him for making pro-life statements?

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