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  • According to the NY Daily News, a man became enraged when his wife refused to have an abortion. He apparently attempted to kill both his wife and her sister in front of a room full of children.
  • In Louisville, a high school custodian found an early term fetus in a feminine receptacle. The coroner believes the child was miscarried….

  • At least 21 dead children (apparently born and unborn) were found in a river in China. The bodies came from the hospital of Jining Medical University:
  • A local health official said an investigation had been launched.
    “The hospital medical staff involved have been suspended from their work during the investigation,” Zhong Haitao, a spokesman at the Jining Health Bureau, told Xinhua.
    The report did not specify how many staff members had been suspended.
    One of the bodies had been bundled into a plastic bag marked “hospital waste”, the Beijing News said.

    This video is in Chinese, but relevant footage begins at about :38.

  • Duke University’s Women’s Center has canceled an event about motherhood during college, simply because Duke’s student pro-life group planned to participate. Mike Adams has more details:
  • Given all of these beliefs, it would seem that a discussion on motherhood would be acceptable at the Duke Women’s Center. But it isn’t. A discussion of motherhood is too traumatic for campus feminists. Who says women are emotionally incapable of rational debate? Feminists at Duke seem to think so.

  • From MommyPort, we learn the San Diego Unified School District is having a meeting tonight to change their by-laws and allow students as young as 12 to have abortions (and obtain other medical treatment) during school hours without parental notification.
  • Kevin Staley-Joyce on Planned Parenthood’s shout-out to the nuns who supported Obamacare:
  • It may well be the case that some of the religious sisters involved in the letter’s synthesis really do believe the bill is “life-affirming.” Assuming they do not identify with Cecile Richards and her organization, called “Murder, Inc.” by some, one can only hope they now see that the wrong side is celebrating. And if they find themselves on the celebrating side, it is easier to see why Richards suggests we listen to them – not because of their gender, religious affiliation, or perspective – but because they’re pro-abortion choice.

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