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WARNING: Vulgarity ahead.
Here’s the ABC News story about Angie Jackson’s live tweeted abortion. ABC ran it on Sunday night. Who knows whether airing it over a weekend – when nobody’s watching – was intentionally or not.

Angie Jackson.jpgThe story itself was fair, I thought, much more so than ABC’s written account a few days earlier. Cathy Ruse’s clip was great, compassionate.
Remaining unreported by MSM are details of Angie’s experience, one of her reasons for tweeting. Angie’s RU-486 abortion by no means went as smoothly or quickly as she anticipated or was told.
And so we proceed with Angie’s blow-by-blow tweets. I continue to cull from a prolific number to spotlight most important details….

In this segment, 5-6 days into her RU-486 abortion, Angie continues to experience a significant and surprising to her amount of pain and renewed bleeding. She runs through her 1st prescription of 20 Tylenol 3s and requests another from Planned Parenthood. And public interest in Angie’s story picks up. She worries a few times she will come to be known as “the abortion gal/girl.” Her worries are well-founded. She also begins to fixate on moi…
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