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  • Leading Canadian pro-choicer Joyce Arthur, in a letter to the editor attempting to respond to Kelly Parland on sex-selection abortion, displays why she avoids debates like the plague:
  • He argues that to support a woman’s right to choose, “you have to believe that a fetus is not human in the moral sense.”…

    This is incorrect. The pro-choice view is woman-focused, and we take no view on the fetus (or should not). The status and moral value of the fetus is moot because it’s a matter of subjective personal opinion, and the only opinion that counts is the pregnant woman’s.

  • How Bonnie Erbe gets paid to write is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Here’s her commentary on MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty declaring April to be Abortion Recovery Month:
  • What is the religious right doing by campaigning against abortion? First and foremost, its efforts seem aimed at trying to keep church pews filled by bringing more and more poor people into the world.


  • At RH Reality Check, Sarah Seltzer notes “Greenberg,” the newest Ben Stiller movie, has an abortion storyline:
  • That’s right. “Greenberg” features one of the most mainstream, unremarkable, lengthy and prominent abortion scenes since “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (in fact, there’s a marked similarity) and it does something no film has ever done as effectively: it mines abortion for humor. In fact, the aftermath of the abortion scene is one of the funniest, and most poignant, in the entire film. It would be wrong to give it away, but let’s say it involves our male protagonist’s extremely misguided attempt to buy an appropriate post-abortion gift for Florence, who has elected to undergo anesthesia for her D&C procedure and wakes up rather groggy.

  • At ProWomanProLife, Andrea Mrozek calls out the McGill Daily’s Stephen Davis for this piece in which he thinks a woman holding a sign saying “I Regret My Abortion” prevents meaningful discussion – you know, as opposed to a bunch of intolerant thugs interrupting a scheduled pro-life presentation by singing and shouting. Apparently, pro-lifers are to blame for the stupidity and rudeness of pro-choice students at McGill because pro-lifers think and argue that abortion is the killing of a human being:
  • One is left with the distinct impression that the author wants women – only pro-life women, though – to go and “dialogue” in a dark closet somewhere, by themselves. Talk about a wimp. If you can’t handle a gentle woman holding a sign, you’ve got a problem and should probably get some help.

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