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  • Scott Roeder was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of abortionist George Tiller. The judge set Roeder’s eligibility for parole at 50 years.
  • The Rockford Register Star has an article on abortion protests at the Northern IL Women’s Center in Rockford.The abortion clinic’s owner is upset and complains the police aren’t doing their jobs while the police say the 40 Days for Life events went smoothly….

  • After being contacted by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Duke University’s Women’s Center has reversed their decision on allowing a pro-life group to put on a discussion about being a mother on campus:
  • Only hours after FIRE exposed Duke’s decision to public scrutiny yesterday, Women’s Center Director Ada Gregory wrote to the group to say that “mistakes were certainly made that should not have occurred” and that she had “taken steps to ensure that such an incident will not happen again.”


  • William Saunders responds to Bart Stupak’s attacks on pro-life organizations:
  • I have no desire to attack Rep. Stupak personally. No one knows what promises or representations were made to him in the 11th-hour whipping of House members for the vote. We also do not know precisely what his choices and limitations were, real or perceived, or the exact number of votes that were still in play. However, we do know that the final vote in the House on the health care reform bill was 219-212. Thus, on the face of it, since 216 votes were needed for passage, it appears that if Stupak and even three other pro-life democrats had withheld their votes, the bill would not have passed. Would that have been a good outcome? You bet it would – not because, as Stupak argued, pro-life Americans oppose comprehensive health care reform (many do not), but because the bill marked a massive expansion of abortion (as I will explain below).
    Now, Congressman Stupak may disagree with that assessment, and he may honestly believe President Obama’s executive order was the best deal for pro-life Americans. However, for him to suggest, as he did in his op-ed, that pro-life opposition to the deal that he struck is “disingenuous at best” – and that the deal he reached is somehow significantly “pro-life” – is simply untrue.

    [Stupak photo via LifeNews.com]

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