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  • Jack Kevorkian likes the HBO biopic film about him entitled You Don’t Know Jack:
  • “I thought it was superb,” says Kevorkian, who liked the authenticity of Pacino’s performance. “He handled it the way I did it in court. He yelled like I yelled. And he had outbursts like I had. It’s perfect.”…

  • Here’s Michael Gerson on President Obama’s supposed lack of an abortion litmus test:
  • During an Oval Office meeting with Senate leaders yesterday, President Obama symbolized the sorry, misleading state of public argument about the Supreme Court. He insisted that he has no “litmus test” on abortion for his Supreme Court nominee, while asserting that his choice will interpret “our Constitution in a way that takes into account individual rights, and that includes women’s rights. And that’s going to be something that’s very important to me.”
    So no litmus test on abortion – except the protection of “women’s rights,” which everyone in the room understood as a reference to abortion. Obama’s pose of neutrality came with a theatrical wink and nod. Everyone got the joke.

  • The Vatican is going to donate about $2.7 million for adult stem cell research being done at the University of MD.
  • Harlan Drake has been sentenced to life in prison for killing abortion protester Jim Pouillon and businessman Mike Fuoss.
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