On April 20 LiveAction.org released a new undercover video, this the 1st from a nonPlanned Parenthood abortion mill, EMW Women’s Center in Louisville, KY.
life escorts 3.jpg

If EMW sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve written a couple posts on it before, 1 about pro-lifers donning identical vests as deathscorts (a practice pro-lifers have apparently now modified) and another with video showing the place had become a war zone.

There is now added impetus for pro-lifers to stay on task at EMW. In this video, where Lila Rose again portrays a 14-yr-old impregnated by a 31-yr-old, EMW counselor Wendy states, “Oh, honey, we have minors in here all the time.” Wendy calls attorney Mickey Adams (who would be an interesting person for police to locate and question) to corroborate Lila should have no trouble getting around KY’s parental involvement law, both ignoring the underage rape component.

So pro-lifers at EMW should be on special lookout for minors and add special verbiage focused on them to their sidewalk counseling.

One final point. I asked LA how Wendy determined Lila was “between 14 and 15 weeks” pregnant, since we know Lila wasn’t pregnant at all. LA told me Wendy went solely on the date Lila gave her for the onset of her last period. No urine test, no physical exam.

So Wendy gave Lila an abortion price of $1075 and started the legal wheels in motion by telling Lila “the first thing we have to do” was call the attorney without confirming Lila was even pregnant. This was sloppy medical care at the very least, and at worst could have been leading to the late-term abortion of a nonpregnant woman.

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