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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Catholic Vote Action highlights a CNN story about college coeds who are shedding the hook up scene and opting for abstinence….
  • Big Blue Wave updates readers on the 11-year-old pregnant girl in Chetumal, Mexico, who has refused to have an abortion because she understands “a life is growing in her womb.”
  • Wesley Smith reports the euthanasia legalization bill was defeated in the Canadian Parliament this week, 228-59.
  • Guest columnist Marie Hahnenberg writes an excellent article on the ALL blog regarding Earth Day and the detrimental effects of hormonal contraceptives on women’s bodies and the environment.
  • Generations for Life spotlights a tastefully done video series entitled “Love Life” (the 1st of which was previously posted here) by Matthew Warner. The blog also links to an accompanying article written by the video creator entitled, “Changing hearts one video at a time.”
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