cecile richard planned parenthood iowa 3.pngI’ve reported a couple times about the pro-life presence planned for Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa’s 30th anniversary event tonight featuring CEO Cecile Richards at the Cedar Rapids Marriott (pictured below left).
Several pro-life groups are coming together to protest, organized by Pro-Life Action League. Operation Rescue has sent a Truth Truck from KS. Dubuque Co. Right to Life is bringing a busload of pro-life protesters, etc., etc., etc….

If you’re in the 2-3h vicinity, please just get in your car and go! Events planned are:

  • 4p: Baby shower drop off begins in the parking lot at St. Pius X Church at 4949 Council Street NE (map)
  • 4:30p: Rally and press conference in the St. Pius X Church parking lot
  • 5p: Protest outside Cedar Rapids Marriott at 1200 Collins Road NE (map)
  • If you’ve ever wanted to be in the thick of pro-life activism, tonight’s the night to smile for the camera (and FBI?) as you uphold the sanctity of preborn human life. KCRG reported yesterday that PP baby killers are freaking out:

    Extraordinary security measures will be in place Thursday evening to handle what is expected to be a large pro-life protest at the local PP’s 30th anniversary event.

    cedar rapids marriott.jpg

    The demonstrators will be on hand to protest the appearance of the evening’s guest speaker – Cecile Richards, president of PP….
    “We want Cecile Richards and PP to know that abortion is nothing to celebrate,” said Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League.
    Joe Lock, president and CEO of PP of Eastern IA, said he has been working with the FBI, local police and businesses for weeks to ensure the safety of Richards and those attending the anniversary banquet.
    Police and FBI agents will be on site, he said, and snow fences will be in place to separate protesters from those attending the banquet.
    Lock said local PP board members were calling those signed up for the banquet on Wednesday night to reassure them “they are going to be safe.”

    dnc truth truck road 2.jpgSpeaking of safe, I really hope MSM films graphic photos of aborted babies on pro-life signs and the Truth Truck so Iowans can honestly evaluate who’s really unsafe in this scenario.
    Interesting how PP attempts to portray pro-lifers as violent so as to deflect attention from its violent financial mainstay of killing of thousands of babies daily.
    And I hope MSM films the parking lot baby shower. Perhaps PP’s increased security will ensure that the thousands of dollars of baby goods pro-lifers collect for local pregnancy care centers won’t be stolen.
    I’m also wondering how many PP supporters will be no shows thanks to all the media attention and fear mongering.

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