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I’ve written several times about the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Genocide Awareness Project, which it describes in a nutshell…

GAP is a traveling photo-mural exhibit which compares the contemporary genocide of abortion to historically recognized forms of genocide. It visits university campuses around the country to show as many students as possible what abortion actually does to unborn children and get them to think about abortion in a broader historical context.

GAP has just announced that beginning this September it plans to add video to its display. One video will show the reality of abortion, previously only available on CBR’s website, and the other will show remarkable early fetal development at the age most mothers abort – most of whom are college age. Take a look…

GAP TV from Mark Harrington on Vimeo.

GAP changes minds and causes a stir wherever it travels. For instance, the Calgary Sun reported June 24 about the University of Calgary Student Union’s failed attempt to yank club status from the Campus Pro-life group all because it brought GAP to the campus.
u of c arrest.gifBravo to the pro-life group’s president, Alanna Campbell, who responded, “We plan to continue as usual this fall – it’s one of the most effective things we’ve done.”
The photo right, via, is of U of C campus security threatening to arrest pro-life students at their GAP display in November 2008.
I can hardly imagine how much video will enhance what GAP already has going on.
Your donation will help launch this cutting edge but expensive endeavor. Give here.

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