UDPATE, 6/3, 4:15p: Operation Rescue has an update on this case. The June 1 hearing was merely before a MD Board of Physicians subcommittee. “[T]his matter is far from final resolution,” reported OR’s Cheryl Sullenger.
OR also found Ferrer has been disciplined for other infractions over the years, including “an incident where he knowingly sewed a metal surgical instrument into a patient,” according to OR.
romeo ferrar.png6/1, 9:53a: He’s flown under the radar for decades, but tomorrow MD late-term abortionist Romeo Ferrer will get his day in court, so to speak.
For 3 long years the MD State Board of Physicians has allowed the 70-year-old Ferrer to continue slicing and dicing at his Gynecare Center at 877 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd. in Severna Park after knowing a claim of malpractice had been filed against him by a dead mother’s estate….

Finally, tomorrow, the Board will meet to decide whether to “impose disciplinary sanctions against the Respondent’s license, including revocation, suspension, or reprimand and may place the Respondent on probation, and/or may impose a monetary fee.”
The claim and subsequent investigation show that on February 3, 2006, 21-year-old “Patient A” came to Ferrer for a 2nd trimester D&E abortion at 16 weeks gestation. She had a history of 2 previous abortions and the live birth of a 3-year-old son. Her reason for aborting this pregnancy, according to the chart, was, “can’t afford it right now.”
Ferrer doesn’t use general anesthesia, so he initially gave her 125 mg of Demerol IV push for pain and 5 mg of Versed, which causes short-term amnesia.
gynecare center.png
5 minutes later Ferrer gave her an additional 125 mg of Demerol and 5 mg of Versed IVP because “pt. was still reacting to pain….”
After the abortion, Ferrer failed to monitor the patient’s vital signs monitor her pulse ox, or give her any supplemental oxygen. It was only when the “surgical assistant” noticed Patient A’s fingernail beds were blue did anyone realize something was wrong. Ferrer proceeded to start pushing resuscitation meds and initiate CPR, incredibly still without giving her any oxygen.
Only after giving her a couple resuscitation meds did anyone call 911. Patient A was pronounced dead at Anne Arundel Medical Center a little over an hour later.
Cause of death listed was, “Meperidine [Demerol] Intoxication.” It was determined Ferrer gave Patient A too much Demerol too quickly and then failed to monitor her properly.
Read the complaint here.
Pro-life activists led by Jack Ames have launched the website RetireFerrer.com and are holding a press conference today.
elder abortion.jpgTomorrow activists will hold graphic signs in front of the hearing building, “so physicians see photos of aborted babies,” Ames told me by phone this morning.
Ames is asking pro-lifers to write “courteous, professional, and persuasive” letters to Dr. Paul Elder [pictured right], Chairman of the Maryland Board of Physicians, at 4201 Patterson Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21215, asking him to revoke Ferrer’s medical license.

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