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  • CBS News has a report on documents they’ve obtained from the Library of Congress which give a greater insight into the positions of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan on hot-button issues. The document contains legal memos from Kagan while she was a law clerk for former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall….
  • The documents, buried in Marshall’s papers in the Library of Congress, show Kagan standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the liberal left, at a time when the Rehnquist Supreme Court was moving to the conservative right….


    On abortion, Kagan wrote a memo in a case involving a prisoner who wanted the state to pay for her to have the procedure. Kagan expressed concern to Marshall that the conservative-leaning Court would use the case to rule against the woman – and possibly undo precedents protecting a woman’s right to abortion.
    “This case is likely to become the vehicle that this court uses to create some very bad law on abortion and/or prisoners’ rights,” she wrote in the 1988 memo.

  • The New York Times has an article on “an unusually high number of victories” for pro-lifers in state legislatures.
  • WI State Justice Department officials are recommending that auditors look into the University of WI’s health system because of concerns that the health system may be using tax dollars to fund abortion training:
  • WI law prohibits state agencies from paying doctors or medical facilities for performing abortions. The University of WI Hospital and Clinics Authority pays medical residents specializing in gynecology to train at Planned Parenthood of WI, where they can choose to undertake abortion training.
    The Alliance Defense Fund, an AZ-based group of Christian lawyers, sent a letter in April on behalf of Pro-Life Wisconsin to Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen alleging UWHCA has paid nearly $60k over the last 3 years to cover residents’ training at PP. The group claims the payments violate the law and asked Van Hollen for a formal opinion.

    [Kagan photo via CBSNews.com]

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