Longmont planned parenthood picket 1.jpg
Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries called me this morning with a great story, which he also blogged….

Bryan and his teen troupe are in Castle Rock, CO, preparing to host a pro-life booth at this weekend’s Heaven Fest.
Longmont planned parenthood picket 2.jpgEarlier today Bryan was awakened by a call from the nearby Longmont Police Dept. wanting to discuss his intentions to picket the Longmont Planned Parenthood. Someone had tipped the police off, Bryan was told.
Trouble was, Bryan had no plans to picket the PP… until he got the call. Bryan is pretty sure he knows the pro-abort who played the harassing prank – which backfired.
Bryan thought, hey, what a great idea, and took his teens to the PP and called me on location. What a hoot.

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