I reported May 28 that longtime DC pro-life activist Rev. Pat Mahoney said, “Hey, wait a minute.” when spotting a fence and “No Trespassing” sign in front of the friendly neighborhood Planned Parenthood chop shop located 4 blocks from the White House.

Because of his longevity in DC, the good reverend  knew PP was attempting to claim public property as its own.

To prompt a government response that was otherwise not forthcoming, Mahoney applied for a permit to hold a prayer vigil in front of the mill but was denied.

On June 8 Mahoney held his prayer vigil anyway and was promptly arrested for “unlawful entry,” again, part of the plan.

When Mahoney showed up in court on June 29 he learned, as WashingtonCityPaper.com reported:

Mahoney won’t be prosecuted on the charge – a rep from the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia confirmed that the office has declined to prosecute the case.

Yet PP’s fence and, more importantly, the “No Trespassing” signs remained up.

So Mahoney determined to hold another prayer vigil in front of the PP, this one for 30 hours on August 13 and 14. As he reported to the group at that time, he received word August 12 that “the DC Corporation Council and Attorney General have ruled that the sidewalk in front of PP DC is PUBLIC property and not private as they claimed.” Officials also told Mahoney they would not arrest pro-lifers for trespassing at the 2nd vigil, and indeed they did not.

On August 17 Mahoney and Bound4Life posted a video outlining his future plans. Mahoney said he will now file a civil lawsuit against the District of Columbia and PP.

And although PP knows its “Private Property, No Trespassing” signs are fraudulent, it has not removed them. So Mahoney is filing a complaint with the Dept. of Transportation Open Spaces Division to force PP to take down their signs.

I so love the tenacity of pro-lifers.

[Bottom photo via WashingtonCityPaper.com]

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