Most pro-aborts would be embarrassed to honestly describe abortion to their 6yo as chopping up the baby in mommy’s tummy. They know their child would be horrified and saddened, perhaps to the point of tears.

Children in their innocence recognize abortion as something grotesque. It’s not until we grow up that some of us become calloused and rationalize it.

So it is with Sophia at the Abortion Gang blog, who yesterday described herself  caught in somewhat of a quandary in her post, “A non-how-to guide on raising pro-choice children” (underlines mine):

I want him to be confident, to have faith in his own abilities, to be happy and creative. I want him to be successful (however he defines it). I want him to be loved. I want my son to have more opportunities than I had growing up. I want to indulge him, but not spoil him. I want to make sure he respects women. I want him to understand he only has control over his own person, that because he has a penis there is no inherent right to have control over another’s person.

The first problem pro-abort mothers have is raising “confident” children who feel “loved” – who on the other hand know you would have killed them had circumstances been too unfavorable at the time of their conception. That’s a tough sell.

Another problem is explaining to sons that to “respect women” in your opinion means to stand down and let them kill your own little baby, and more responsibly yet, pay for it.

Sophia wrote of  her “three simple rules” to raising a pro-abort child. The 1st was to advocate teaching about “the mechanics” of sex beginning at a young age, say 6:

I have begun explaining basic information about sex to my son. Nothing graphic, no pictures and no shaming; just plain language explaining the mechanics, so to speak…. The truth is informing kids about the mechanics of their bodies, how the appropriate ways to use reproductive parts and why, is vital in instilling values that will create an adult that respects a woman’s right to chose and a woman’s autonomy over her body.

I have no clue how sex education is supposed to convert a child to being pro-choice. (I say “convert” because, as I previously wrote, children are naturally pro-life unless they’re little sickos.)

Perhaps along the way a child is supposed to realize that one small consequence to the sexual experience his parents have taught him to seek and enjoy (freely yet responsibly, of course) may be an oopsie baby, but that shouldn’t hinder him or her.

Sophia’s 2nd rule for raising a pro-abort child was to screen and limit what her son watches on t.v., to “be careful about what subliminal messages or blatant sexism or harmful images.” This was interesting:

For instance, I like the movie Beauty and the Beast (Disney), but it was not until I started college that I learned the movie has one messed up message.

Thank goodness for Sophia’s college, which taught her there’s something depraved about sacrificing oneself for another, of finding beauty beyond the depth of one’s skin, and that love softens the hardest of hearts.

But I still didn’t understand how close parental control of the remote translates to creating a pro-abort child. Sophia explained:

So no movies (as much as possible) that depict women as helpless creatures that submit to and are controlled by men. If we watch something that includes this, I have to explain over and over that the way Beast treated Belle is not okay.

Ok, well, I still don’t understand how this translates into germinating abortion support in a child. Actually, hasn’t Sophia heard how common it is for male beasts to exploit women for sex and then coerce them to abort if they get pregnant?

But moving on, Sophia’s 3rd rule came back to the theme of  love:

Finally, the most important advice I have been given from another parent to me about parenting, is no matter what, love your child. This goes so far in creating happy, confident and well-adjusted children, and then adults, later in life. I don’t mean to imply that anti-choicers are not happy, simply that happy and confident children will be more receptive to constructive and intellectually stimulating conversations, including talks about why he or she should be pro-choice.

Actually, Sophia, we anti-choicers have a much easier time raising children who know they are loved – unconditionally. We live and love by example. And we’re a tad more consistent with both unspoken and spoken messaging to our children than pro-aborts.

Nor do we have to worry that our kids will be “receptive” to our beliefs on the issue of abortion. Our messaging is received naturally. Yours is not. It’s barbaric, requiring quite a bit of conditioning, I will agree.

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