I said in a previous post that when we completed our move from 1 software (MovableType) to another (WordPress) I’d go over the improvements with you.

So here we are! The move took place about 2 weeks ago, and Kelli, the moderators, and I have been evaluating and working out bugs since. Which is not to say they’re all gone, so at this point I’d like to know what problems, if any, you’re seeing.

The most important features I wanted to add were to commenting.

Previously there were terrible uploading hangups I think are now gone. You’ll also now see several formatting options as well as the opportunity to post your gravatar next to your comment! (Go to gravatar.com to create your avatar.) In addition our designer was able to do away with the hassle of authenticating comments by adding new spam software. Perhaps the biggest perk is you can now edit your comment after it’s live if you see a mistake or change you’d like to make.

The most noticeable new feature is the “Like” option you now see at the end of every post. If you click “Like,” a link to my post will appear on your Facebook page. Very simple. I’m happy to see many of you taking advantage of that.

Other new features include a live Twitter feed on the lower right side of the home page. Anytime anyone adds @jillstanek to their tweets, they’ll show up there.  Part of the fun now will be for you to see what pro-aborts say about and to me on Twitter and vice versa! Twitter is a whole other world of conversation, let me tell you. But also I’ve invited LifeNews.com and LifeSiteNews.com to add @jillstanek to their tweets, so hopefully this will become another way for you to keep current on pro-life news.

I also added a link to my Facebook group page, also on the lower right side of the home page.

We’re still working on issues with the site uploading slow, but other than that I think we’re about done with this particular site enhancement. Thanks again for your patience, and I hope you find the improvements helpful!

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