We have to keep an eye on the future even as we work in the present.

Here’s one of those times. In anticipation of Democrats losing control of one or both houses of Congress, we can expect them to push their abortion agenda even as the American people are pushing their leadership out of their coveted offices.

Family Research Council has created a new website, DontBeALameDuck.com, and this witty video…

Explains the site:

Unless there’s a major swing in public opinion, the Democrats’ campaign season is shaping up to be more of a farewell tour. With their 19-month joyride coming to an end, members know that it could be “game over” for their ultra-Left agenda. But if Pelosi’s party takes a beating on November 2nd, members will have plenty of time in November and December to exact revenge in what is known as a “lame-duck” session. If liberals couldn’t be restrained with their jobs on the line, they certainly won’t think twice about abusing their power on the way out the door.

What if Democratic leaders are saving their most controversial issues until after November when voters are powerless to do anything about it? That’s a question more insiders are beginning to ask as big ticket legislation on spending, the military, global warming and campaign finance sit curiously idle.

Unfortunately for the American people, that could mean everything from forcing open homosexuality on the military and overturning the Defense of Marriage Act  to legislation attacking pregnancy care centers and the pro-life Hyde Amendment. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) could squeak through, along with “card check” and cap-and-tax legislation. And that’s not all. You can also expect some of the most notorious porkers in Congress to receive major parting gifts from the Appropriations Committee…..

Of course, “representing their constituents” hasn’t exactly been a hallmark of this majority. But it’s never too late to start! Please sign our petition asking Members of Congress to respect the wishes of voters after the election and leave the policy-making to the next Congress.

I did. Please do, too!

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