Shelby Knox is a pro-abort activist starlet being called by some “the next Gloria Steinem.”

Earlier this week Knox flew to the Colorado to help NARAL Colorado attempt to squelch votes for the Personhood Amendment 62 campaign. Yesterday Knox participated in a No on 62 rally in Colorado Springs. Afterward she tweeted

… and posted this positive albeit unimpressive photo…

Not so fast, little Ms. Gloria wannabe. Here’s the other half of the story.

Taking a page from pro-aborts, who like to infiltrate our rallies, pro-lifers showed up at theirs yesterday. In fact, just as many pro-lifers came as pro-aborts, about 30-40 each.

Our side vocalized their support for A62 throughout their staged PR stunt. Someone from the other side started shouting from the gazebo, “You can’t be here!” Oh, really? First Amendment anyone?

Then pro-aborts made the mistake of inviting the audience to sign their “No on 62” sign. Our people thought sure, and started up to the gazebo. The first started to write, “Don’t Kill Babies,” but had the Sharpie jerked out of his hand at “K~.”

When our side eventually took over the stage…

… the pro-aborts had to shut down their event.

And that’s the rest of the story that Shelby neglected to mention to her peeps.

No justice no peace.

In addition, because our side showed up, it got equal news time. Watch the Channel 13 video. Great pro-life talking points by A62’s Keith Mason were included in the print version:

“What Amendment 62 is doing is giving constitutional and legal rights to a woman’s fertilized egg….” said Fofi Mendez, the Campaign Director for No On 62….

“I think it’s important to note with the term fertilized egg, that’s the same thing as using the N word for an African American,” said Mason. “Because it’s a dehumanizing term and it’s not based in science. The term would be a zygote, or an embryo, speaking of a unique individual.”…

“It’s a bad law,” said Mason, referring to Roe v. Wade. “It was not based in reason. They ignored the concept of the pre-born child being a person.”…

“I think that the majority of even the people that support 62 see a problem with 97% of abortions, 20,000 every year in the state of CO, happening for convenience, and abortion actually being used as birth control,” said Mason.

I’m sort of speechless,” said Mendez, in response to Mason’s suggestion that abortion is used as birth control. “I’m not really sure exactly what to say, other than I do believe that there are many reasons why a woman may choose an abortion. It may be because she’s been raped, or it may be because her life is endangered.”

One other point. I wrote September 21 that A62 supporters had filed a lawsuit to block the state from distributing a voter guide called the Blue Book, which contains disinformation about A62.

Yesterday a judge agreed to hear the merits of the lawsuit, only the 2nd such  lawsuit to receive a state hearing. All others have been immediately dismissed. It will be scheduled sometime next week.

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