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  • A UK man with multiple sclerosis set his flat on fire after his girlfriend refused to have an abortion.
  • Susan Boyle’s mother was supposedly advised to abort her:

    International singing sensation Susan Boyle has revealed that she could have been aborted as a baby in her mother’s womb if her mum had followed doctors’ advice.

    But to her mother, a devout Roman Catholic, an abortion was unthinkable and she went through with the pregnancy.

    Miss Boyle said doctors had told Bridget Boyle, then a 45-year-old mother of 8, that having another baby could kill her.

  • Greg Fundstein had a post at National Review about NYC’s attempt to regulate pregnancy centers:

    “It would be a great world if nobody needed an abortion. Nobody’s in favor of abortion,” Bloomberg said. But the mayor is wrong. Speaker Quinn, Council Member Lappin, and their friends at Planned Parenthood and NARAL are in favor of abortion.

    When the head of the city’s legislative body and local subsidiaries of some of the most powerful organizations in the country attack fewer than 20 shoestring operations in NYC that offer free abortion alternatives, while nearly 90,000 women procure an abortion every year in the city, it is clear that it’s not about choice. It’s about abortion.

  • I think Abortion Gang member ProChoiceGal is forgetting someone when she talks about how God would want her to fight for “the rights of all people”:

    When I found the reproductive justice movement, I found God’s calling for my life. God’s purpose for our lives isn’t to spend our time hurting people, lying, and gossiping like many anti-choicers do. Instead of hurting, lying, and gossiping, wouldn’t it make more sense that God wants us to fight, with love and passion, for the rights of all people, women included? Isn’t that who God really is?

  • A human embryo who had been frozen for nearly 20 years was recently born after being implanted. Amanda Marcotte thinks her LOL arguments are the reasons some pro-lifers don’t like IVF:

    Apparently, they can be stored indefinitely. My first thought, unsurprisingly, went to how the anti-choicers out here are going to react to this. Since they believe that life begins at conception, and this kid was conceived in 1990, does that mean he’s 20 now? Does he get to vote? Will he get to drink next year? When he’s in kindergarten, will he be old enough to rent a car? I honestly think half the reason anti-choicers hate IVF is that it brings up questions like this that destabilize their worldview, and so they’d just rather ban it and forget about it.

    My worldview is destroyed by such unstoppable arguments.

    What is somewhat interesting is how Marcotte phrases the development: “And a healthy baby is born from a 20-year-old embryo.” When I first read that I was like: What? How can an embryo give birth?

    I then realized Marcotte’s pro-choice vision of what an embryo is makes it difficult for her to say the embryo grew and developed into a born child because only living things grow and develop.

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