I loved all the pro-abort tweets from yesterday’s Rally to Restore Sanity in DC

It was a beautiful thing. While pro-abort mischief makers partied on the last Saturday before the 2010 elections, pro-lifers around the country were busy working for their candidates. I love how Politico phrased the pro-abort presence:

Abortion rights supporters from NARAL will be trolling the Mall, metro stations and the bus parking lot at RFK Stadium, some in Lady Liberty costumes, rewarding people who sign up to volunteer with a sticker saying, “Vote Pro-Choice. Politicians Make Crappy Doctors” – also a product of a slogan contest.

“Trolling,” as in prowling for victims. Great word picture. And yes, there was NARAL’s “Lady” Liberty, proudly unveiling NARAL’s slogan contest winner

There was a big dust-up at Chicago’s simultaneously held Rally to Restore Sanity.

Recall these events were geared toward and attended by moderates and liberals.  Synopsized Jared at The Chicago Blog, in his post, “How Chicago ruined the Rally For Sanity”:

Maybe it was when the live feed from DC was muted so a comedian could compare having an abortion to making a sandwich.

I searched in vain for video of that but read several complaints. The comedian was a guy named Aaron Weaver. Others, self-described as both moderate and liberal, commented there and on Facebook:

~ “The comedian comparing abortions to cheese sandwiches while Stewart was on mute really said it all.”

~ “[W]ay too much cursing for an event like this, there were a lot of children around too. And Aaron [Weaver], you’re not funny! How is comparing an unfinished sandwich to abortion funny or appropriate for a rally like this?”

~ “What I got was an overtly political, liberal rally with a comedian who compared abortion to sandwiches – so offensive.”

As we’ve discussed many times, as much as hardened pro-abort ideologues try to desensitize the American view on abortion, they can’t. People innately know it is a terrible thing. They may not admit that, but as their comments about this comedian’s tasteless joke demonstrate, they at least agree it is a serious matter, not funny.

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