During an interview outside a Planned Parenthood clinic that Lila and her team were protesting, she and I talked about the mainstream media.

“Some of the mainstream media has ignored our message, but some of it definitely has been covered,” Lila told me.

“Would we be considered the mainstream media?” I asked.

“Yeah, you definitely would be,” she said. “Well, a little bit fringed on the liberal side.”

I assured her, as I had done over the past several months, that we weren’t taking sides. The documentary was to be a glimpse into a world we hadn’t seen before – at least not in an in-depth way – and because of that, it was a story worth telling.

~ Scott Zamost, Senior Investigative Producer, CNN, writing about “Right on the Edge” a documentary about young conservative “guerrilla activists,” including pro-lifer Lila Rose, airing tonight at 8p EST

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