“Dia dhuit” means “God to you” in Gaelic, the language of Ireland – where Rich and I arrived yesterday!

I was invited to speak last night at Youth Defence’s annual conference. Good friends Bryan Kemper of Stand True and Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League are also here.

Our luggage was not so interested in arriving with us; the last I knew it was still in England. So for the first time ever, I gave my speech in jeans and tennis shoes. But the crowd was understanding and forgiving.

As I tried to get my mind not to fret about this unpleasant development in the afternoon, I told myself, Well, at least I have my toothbrush and some make-up, and I brought my speech and dvds in my carry-on.

And then it hit me. For the first time in my adult life, I was living and breathing in an abortion-free country. The thought still chokes me up; I can’t fathom the wonderfulness of it. But this put my silly inconveniences into perspective. Here’s a photo of Bryan and me celebrating this fact (click all photos to enlarge)…

The fight to keep Ireland abortion-free is constant, as you might imagine. And they are surrounded by countries that have legalized abortion, some with the dastardly combination of no free speech. Many of those countries were represented at this conference, including Scotland, Britain, and Belgium. Here I am with the Scottish pro-life contingent, whose government recently denied their request to simply distribute pamphlets on fetal development because it was “too divisive”…

The Scots told me their people don’t even know what the term “pro-life” means, seriously.

So, as you might also imagine, our foreign friends cannot fathom our pro-life pickets and protests unless and until seeing our photos, videos, and stories.

As I’ve written before, the fight we pro-life activists wage in America is incredibly important role-modeling. We don’t realize we’re not only fighting to save babies here but also emulating how to fight to save babies around the world.

For instance, for the first time ever, pro-life activists in Northern Ireland conducted a 40 Days for Life operation this autumn in front of one of their “referral agencies.” These clear a path for Irish mothers wanting abortion to get them elsewhere. Here I am last night at an Irish dance after the conference with Northern Irish pro-lifers Maura and Bernadette, who many will recognize from seeing at The Dubliner after the annual DC March for Life

Rich and I will be traveling the countryside for the next 3 days, exploring the beauty of the country and Irish culture. So my posts will be sketchy. Speaking of culture, I close with a shot of me from last night, having just learned (to a minute degree) and Irish dance, so fun!

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