The late-term abortionist who doesn’t even have the simple wherewithal to repair the  infamous dilapidated sign hanging over his dilapidated Bellevue, Nebraska, chop shop made national news November 9 when announcing plans to open another new mill right across the border in Council Bluffs, Iowa, a 2nd in the Washington, DC, area, and take over a 3rd in Indianapolis.

Nor can LeRoy Carhart speak simple English, telling KETV, “We need a place where we can do our patients without the harassment of the courts.”

“Do?” Sounds like he’s having sex with them.

And, “I said before we practice within the laws what they were and fight the laws to get rid of them.”

Almost incoherent, abortion’s best and brightest.

The NE legislature sucked the life out of Carhart’s plans and apparent illegal practice of aborting late-term babies by enacting the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act earlier this year.

The law, which took effect October 15, bans all abortions past 20 weeks based on a preborn child’s capability of feeling pain. The pro-abort threat to sue never materialized. According to The Bulletin:

Julie Schmit-Albin, Executive Director of NE Right to Life… added that abortion advocates have apparently thought twice about the risks of challenging the measure.

“They can’t risk taking NE’s fetal pain ban all the way to the US Supreme Court, for fear that the new line of demarcation for abortion under Roe will be pain instead of viability,” the pro-life leader said.

So Carhart claims he is expanding elsewhere, although even the Associated Press appeared skeptical, recalling Carhart has said this stuff before:

He has announced several plans to expand his practice since the shooting death of his friend, Dr. George Tiller, in 2009 in Wichita, KS. Not all of those plans have come to fruition.

“It’s something that I don’t think is nearly feasible,” Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said….

Shortly after Tiller’s death in May 2009, Carhart talked about opening a clinic in KS to carry on the late-term abortions he had helped Tiller offer before his death, but later said expanding his practice in the Omaha suburb of Bellevue was the best option. Now Carhart is planning these new clinics.

Carhart said Wednesday he has raised enough money to open the Washington DC area clinic, but he is still soliciting donations to help get the other clinics going. He said the Washington-area clinic will likely be in Maryland because that state’s laws are favorable, but he declined to say Wednesday exactly what state that clinic will be in.

Although Carhart told the AP the location of his DC clinic wasn’t settled, he told KETV it would “open on Dec. 6.”

Carhart told KETV “private donations are paying the cost to open the 3 clinics, estimated to be about $1.5 million.”

But Operation Rescue has gotten hold of an strangely worded solicitation letter dated September 22 from the Abortion Access Fund, Inc., signed by Carhart as the organization’s VP, indicating less than 1/3 of that, $450,000, was needed to open the 3 mills.

Here are the officers of the Abortion Access Fund, which lists itself as an “IRS tax deductible” organization:

1002 West Mission Avenue, Bellevue, Nebraska 68005 is the address of Carhart’s mill.

AAF also has the same solicitation letter posted, dated September 30. With the officers in mind, here’s their financial plan, according to the letter:

We need $450,000 to expand one clinic and open two new clinics….

The money raised will be lent to clinic owners as a mortgage to build out and open these Centers. Abortion Clinics and non-profits have always had difficulty borrowing funds from commercial sources. This is certainly true in these days of financial uncertainty. Your funding will allow the centers to open, and the interest these mortgages generate will not be going to buy boats for bankers; rather, we will use it to subsidize abortion care for women in financial need. As the clinics repay the principal it will be again be lent to providers to expand more services throughout the country.

I want to again reassure you the $450,000.00 we need to raise will not only open these centers; but the interest income will fund abortions for women in need….

So Carhart, his wife, and his daughter are soliciting donations under the cover of a nonprofit organization, of which they are sole directors, to lend themselves money to expand – with any proceeds from the loan going to pay Carhart the going rate of his own choosing to commit abortions on women who can’t afford his rates.

And, right, additional profits from the loan will underwrite abortions elsewhere.

Any pro-aborts donating to these quacks are frankly stupid.

And rest assured organizations like Operation Rescue will be scrutinizing their books with a microscope.

I agree with Operation Rescue this is all pie-in-the-sky.

But Carhart’s big mouth and wild schemes will certainly bear pro-life fruit, fueling legislatures in more states to adopt fetal pain laws.

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