In August HBO premiered the documentary 12th & Delaware.

The film’s title came from an intersection in Ft. Pierce, FL, where an abortion mill sits on one corner and pregnancy care center on the other. Filmmakers got access to both.

Were the 2 portrayed fairly? Well, NARAL sponsored nationwide house parties the night of the documentary’s release, even offering a viewing toolkit.

And the featured 2nd trimester abortion mill, A Woman’s World Medical Centeradvertised the debut on its site, writing, “We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do.”  So I wonder, not. Here’s the trailer…

But what do you know. Turns out that only a week after 12th & Delaware debuted on August 2, the FL Agency for Health Care Administration paid a visit to Woman’s World and cited it for numerous health and safety violations – and not for the first time. Some highlights…

The clinic was cited for having no private consultation room, so that any patient walking down the hall or entering or leaving the “procedure room,” recovery room, or bathroom could see and hear abortion consultations. I can’t even begin to explain what calloused disregard this lapse shows not only for patient privacy but for true, proper “consultation” before one kills her child.

The owner also admitted “some” of the 7 staff members had no personnel files. FAHCA found “no documented evidence” of job descriptions or required annual inservice training for any of the 7, one of whom had been employed since 1991, when the mill opened.

Bearing in mind pro-aborts often accuse pregnancy care centers of hiring unqualified personnel, the owner admitted to FAHCA that untrained staff performed its ultrasounds, including 2 administrative assistants (neither of whom had personnel files). This is a big deal, particularly since the owner stated the mill uses ultrasounds to determine the age of the baby and cost of abortion.

This 2nd trimester abortion mill was also cited for not having licensed or qualified personnel monitor patients and vital signs during and after abortions. In fact, what vital signs? When no blood pressure cuff could be found in the recovery room, the owner remembered they ‘were in the Administrator’s truck.” Neither of the 2nd trimester records reviewed showed any record of vital signs taken at all.

When FAHCA returned to the mill 7 weeks later, the employee files hadn’t been corrected (if there were any). Only 3 weeks ago did FAHCA declare the deficiencies corrected.

In November 2009 WAHCA cited Woman’s World for having NO sterile suturing supplies or equipment. At that time it also had NO defibrillator, crash cart, or cardiac monitor – not even a pulse ox. “She stated a physician had donated a defibrillator; however, she was unable to locate this piece of equipment,” reads the report.

Final ack: There was no surgical instrument cleaning program. The owner stated she was unaware of this written requirement. As if she needed a state mandate?

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