I reported in August that Planned Parenthood Federation of America was disassociating from its PP Golden Gate affiliate for shoddy business practices.

At the time PPGG operated 7 clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It decided to keep 6 of those doors open, changing its name to Golden Gate Community Health.

Meanwhile PPFA divided up the Bay Area between 2 other affiliates to develop.

Bay Citizen journalist Katharine Mieszkowski, who has been on top of this story from the start, reported December 1 that the PP Mar Monte and PP Shasta Pacific affiliates were “racing” to open clinics to compete with their former neighboring affiliate. PP is as cutthroat in business as it is with babies.

(Interesting aside, the latter affiliate recently changed its name from PP Shasta-Diablo, which means “devil” – click image left to enlarge)

So the Bay Area abortion wars have officially begun. The above right map shows the war zones. Click to enlarge. The red circles are where Mieszkowski reported PP affiliates have or will soon open clinics. The yellow circles are where the defrocked Golden Gate affiliate still operates clinics. Note the “X” through its Rohnert Park mill, which closed its doors in October.

So we can expect a higher body count than usual of aborted baby casualties until the losing mills shutter their doors. As if San Francisco didn’t have enough evil going on.

But GGCC’s problems don’t stop there. First, recall Mieszkowski reported in September (in a story making the New York Times) that the criminal division of the IRS was investigating GGCC about “the financial relationship between the organization and its political arm, as well as about accounting practices.”

Then yesterday Mieszkowski reported that the very woman allegedly responsible for GGCC’s financial straits, former CEO Dian Harrison (pictured left) is suing GGCC for over $180,000 for 9 months of severance pay and insurance benefits.

Harrison filed her lawsuit on November 22, 3 days after current GGCC CEO Therese Wilson and chairwoman of the board Linda Davis Jones sent an urgent fundraising appeal to supporters stating, “Unless we are able to raise $1,500,000 by the end of the year, we are in danger of having to close our doors forever….” according to Mieszkowski.

We can only hope and pray.

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