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  • The state of MD has permanently revoked the medical license of George Shepard Jr., an abortionist who helped abortionist Steve Brigham perform abortions in the state even though Brigham wasn’t licensed there:

    The MD board on Thursday said Shepard was guilty of unprofessional conduct and that he had practiced medicine with an unauthorized person. The consent order said Brigham, who does not have a medical license in MD, “has been observed performing surgical procedures on approximately 50 occasions” in Elkton this year.

  • Several CA men have been sentenced to life in prison for the contract killing of a pregnant woman and her unborn child:

    Sacramento Superior Court Judge Roland Candee on Wednesday sentenced 24-year-old Khae Saephan and co-defendant Xeng Saetern for fatally shooting 28-year-old Si Saeturn, who was 5 months pregnant, in December 2005 in Sacramento.

    Saephan has no chance of parole, while Saetern received 100 years to life.

    Prosecutors say Si Saeturn’s husband, Nai Saechow, contracted for her murder. He and 2 other accomplices were also convicted of murder and sentenced to life terms.

  • Another day and another story of conflict of interest shenanigans at CIRM, CA’s stem cell agency. This time, Alan Bernstein (pictured left) drops out of the race to be CIRM’s high-paid (over $500k a year) chairman. Bernstein was nominated for the job after he led a panel of experts (paid by CIRM) to make an “impartial” appraisal of the CIRM’s performance. Amazingly, the report which CIRM paid for and was led by a guy who became next in line to lead CIRM finds that CIRM is really great:

    The 19-page report, issued last week, offered praise for an agency that has been criticized by legislators and government watchdogs for its high salaries and slow progress toward finding promised cures for fatal diseases using stem cells.

  • The News Observer has a story about abortion protesters in NC who have been displaying graphic images of aborted children outside area high schools:

    Morgan Richardson, 17, an Enloe senior, said it wasn’t right for the protesters to be near the school. She argued that their presence disrupted the school day.

    “Enloe is a very diverse place,” Richardson said. “We’re very open-minded. If you have a different opinion, we’re very accepting. But they shouldn’t be coming on campus.”

[Bernstein photo via European Commission]

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