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  • MercatorNet covers the release of Abby Johnson’s book unPlanned.
  • At Public Discourse, Christopher Kaczor reviews a supposedly objective book about the abortion debate entitled The Fetal Position by Chris Meyers and finds its selection of pro-life arguments to be less than objective:

    Unfortunately, [the book] fails in its stated goal because it caricatures the most common defenses of the pro-life view. Rather than address the philosophical arguments that all human beings prior to birth should be protected by law and welcomed in life, Meyers misconstrues the mainstream pro-life position as if it were based on a theological belief in the soul….

    Finally, Meyers’ book has an uneven quality. Some sections reflect on sophisticated philosophical positions such as various conceptions of the human soul and the implications of these positions for the moral status of unborn human life. Other parts of [the book] extensively critique sophomoric defenses of the pro-life view presented by Meyers’ students, such as that forbidding abortion is the just punishment for women who have engaged in illicit sexual behavior. A rational approach to this debate must engage the best arguments on the opposing side, not caricatures. The contemporary discussion would have been enriched by an accessible, reasonable survey of the various positions in the abortion debate, but this book does not provide that service.

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