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  • The IA Board of Medicine has said that it will not sanction abortionist Susan Haskell for providing telemed abortions:

    … As is customary in such instances, the board did not explain its reasoning. “Although this may not be the outcome you were seeking, you can be assured that your complaint was investigated and the board reached its decision after full review of the investigative record,” the board’s executive director, Mark Bowden, wrote to [Operation Rescue].

  • The NY Times has picked up an article in the San Francisco Bay-Citizen about the after-abortion counseling group Exhale and their experience after MTV’s abortion special “No Easy Decision” :

    [Co-founder Aspen] Baker said Exhale’s participation in “No Easy Decision” did not compromise its neutrality. “That’s the way the debate works: people suck you in, and the way they discredit you is by saying you’re one thing or another,” she said. “We’re not pro-choice. We’re very clear about that. Women’s feelings about abortion should not be politicized.”

    “We’re not pro-choice” but more than half of our national advisory council works for abortion clinics or pro-choice organizations. I’m left wondering why a supposedly neutral organization has a number of prominent pro-choice leaders on its board but not one pro-lifer. Hmmm….

  • The movie Blue Valentine, starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, will feature a scene at an abortion clinic where one of the main characters decides to have an abortion and then later changes her mind.
  • Planned Parenthood has filed a complaint against a pharmacist who apparently refused to fill a prescription for a drug used to control bleeding because the pharmacist believed the woman requiring the drug had an abortion:

    PP officials said in the complaint that the pharmacist inquired if the patient needed the drug for post-abortion care. The nurse refused to answer the question based on confidentiality of health information.

    According to PP, the pharmacist then stated that if the nurse practitioner did not disclose that information, she would not fill the prescription.

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