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  • A pregnant woman lost her child in Dallas yesterday after her car was hit by a distracted driver. The at-fault driver may face charges.
  • Michael New points out some rather glaring problems with the new “abortion doesn’t cause mental health problems” study:

    First, this study’s conclusions are largely based on the fact that the cohort of women who submitted to abortions experienced similar (but high) rates of mental-health problems both in the months before the abortion and in the months after the abortion took place. However, that does not negate a causal link between abortion and mental health. A number of academic studies find high levels of stress among women considering an abortion.

    Furthermore, it should be noted that the cohort of women who had abortions were more likely to experience mental-health problems than either the cohort who gave birth or the cohort who never became pregnant.

      … This study lacks controls for other factors that might affect the likelihood of psychological disorders including pregnancy wantedness, coercion by others to abort, marital status, income, education, and exposure to violence. Additionally, there is also evidence that women with psychiatric histories are at increased risk for post-abortion mental-health problems. However, these women were excluded from the study. Finally, the results follow women for only one year post-abortion or -childbirth. There is significant evidence suggesting that the negative psychological effects of abortion may not surface for several years.

      It should also be noted that this research was funded by a grant from the Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation. This foundation was formed by investor Warren Buffet (pictured above left) and named in honor of his wife after her death in 1994. This foundation has been very active in supporting abortion rights.

    • KS legislators are looking to pass a variety of pro-life bills after years of dealing with pro-choice governors.
    • DE Attorney General Beau Biden says his office is investigating abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s link to an abortion clinic in Delaware:Because Gosnell has been charged with the murder of “Baby Boy A,” a child delivered by a woman who first consulted with Gosnell at the DE clinic, there could be a charge of accessory to murder….

      According to the grand jury report, in 2008, a teenager’s great aunt paid Gosnell $2,500 in cash at Atlantic for a late-term abortion that could not be performed in DE.

      Gosnell started the abortion by administering labor-inducing drugs at Atlantic with instructions the teenager be taken to the Philadelphia clinic the next day to complete the procedure, the report says.

    • Scientists squabbling over patents is slowing the advance of embryonic stem cell research.

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