On December 21 the “worst nightmare” of abortion proponents was realized when pro-life leader Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) was named chairman of a House subcommittee that is very important to pro-lifers.  I’ll let pro-abort Jane Roberts explain their fears, who wrote at RH Reality Check right after the November election:

And if Chris Smith (R-NJ), an arch enemy of reproductive health and family planning, chairs one of the subcommittees – the Africa and Global Health Subcommittee that has jurisdiction over FP/RH [family planning/reproductive health], our worst nightmare will be realized. He was the one under George W. Bush who engineered the false charges against UNFPA which resulted in 7 years of the U.S. refusal to release funding….

President Bush did indeed cut off funding to the United Nations Population Fund from 2002-08 for its support of forced abortions and sterilizations in China.

But within 2 months of taking office President Obama restored UNFPA’s funding, and the Democrat-controlled Congress gave it a nice little $50 million bonus.

And so UNFPA has enjoyed a sweet ride on the backs of American taxpayers the last 2 years. But those days are over. Congressman Smith is coming out swinging. According to the upcoming January issue of National Right to Life News:

Smith, a 30-year House veteran, co-chairs the Bipartisan Pro-Life Caucus in the House, and is recognized by all as the leader of pro-life forces in the chamber….

Smith also has been awarded an important new post: He will chair a Foreign Affairs Committee subcommittee with jurisdiction over global health issues and human rights issues.

The new chairman of the full Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), also has a strong pro-life record….

Smith told NRL News that his goal as subcommittee chairman would be “to promote a consistent culture of life in all aspects of U.S. foreign policy and international healthcare funding.” He added, “Tragically, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have misused taxpayer funds to aggressively export abortion around the world. It is time to investigate, expose, and end this complicity with procuring death to children and harm to their mothers.”

I hope one of the investigations Smith undertakes is of the Obama administration’s allegedly illegal meddling in the passage of Kenya’s pro-abortion constitution last year. Smith said the USAID investigation clearing Obama was “poorly researched, superficial, incomplete and a whitewash” and called the audit “incomplete.” Now Smith has the power to order an audit that is complete.

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