Only pro-lifers will understand the blind irony of this pro-abort Huffington Post headline.

In the wake of the Philadelphia massacre, their ridiculous meme takes on even deeper meaning. Michelle Malkin wrote in a post yesterday, “Ask yourself why you are not hearing about which root causes and whose rhetoric are to blame for this four-decades-long massacre.”

That the other side is ignoring the grisly Gosnell murders shows how far they will go to prop legalized abortion, which is to turn the other way even when aborting mothers are neglected to death and born babies are tortured to death.

I am writing this post in a hotel room 5 blocks from the Supreme Court Building from whence the terrible Roe v. Wade decision was announced 38 years ago today.

Today is a holiday for abortion industry, akin to a liberal feminist Independence Day. Wrote Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards in an email, “Today, I celebrate what we achieved 38 years ago with Roe v. Wade, and I rededicate myself to protecting women’s right to make their own private, personal medical decisions.”

What are your thoughts and reflections today?

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