UPDATE, 6:52p: Dr. Michael New has a good piece on this up at NRO, “The Long-Term Implications of the Shocking Planned Parenthood Video.”

UPDATE, 6:43p: Live Action is reporting on Twitter:

Live Action YouTube Channel: #1 Most Viewed Non-Profit Channel Today

6:25p: 36 hours have passed since Lila Rose and Live Action released a videotape exposing Planned Parenthood as an enabler of sex trafficking, minor prostitution, statutory rape and sex abuse cover up.

Today Lila posted her observations about the past 1-1/2 days on BigGovernment.com, with a little warning:

Then PP used the contrived back-up plan they hatched last week, claiming they had reported the sex traffickers immediately following Live Action’s undercover visits to their clinics. But the undercover footage tells quite a different story. No shock, no outrage, no report, only a clinic manager working with the pimp and prostitute to enable their prostitution ring of underage girls.

By Tuesday night we get news that PP has effectively thrown their employee under the bus and fired her. Now why would they do that if she and the others had reported the abuse, like they claim?

The visual evidence speaks for itself. And there’s more to come. PP is scrambling to silence our story and evidence. But in the end, the truth will get out.

With her post Lila also released the unedited 22 minute video (here and here) of the enlightening conversation between now terminated PP Central New Jersey’s Perth Amboy abortion mill manager Amy Woodruff and Live Action’s sex trafficking poser.

So Media Matters’ attempt to dismiss LA’s video as a “heavily edited smear job” has been quickly and summarily aborted.

Also of note was this excerpt from a LA press statement today, which included another warning:

PP had also originally suggested that the undercover video was a “hoax” and an “edited tape” before firing Woodruff.  Nj Attorney General Paula Dow also released a statement on the video Tuesday evening saying, “At first glance, I find these allegations to be very disturbing.” Dow has asked the Div. of Criminal Justice to investigate the matter.

“It appears that PP decided to fire Ms. Woodruff over a ‘hoax.’  Or, maybe they are coming to the realization that they have a serious problem brewing,” Rose stated.

Soon, we will be releasing more evidence to law enforcement officials and the public showing that PP is willing to aid and abet sexual exploitation of minors and young women.  As our research and evidence will show, this is not only a problem for one clinic in NJ – it is much broader and more endemic,” Rose said.

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