Fabulous news!

Republicans have submitted HR 1, the FY10 Continuing Resolution. “Continuing Resolution” is the term for the federal budget for the remainder of 2011. Incredibly, Democrats never finalized a budget for Fiscal Year 2011 when they had control of the House. This is now working in our favor. HR1 is being debated until Thursday afternoon and then voted on.

The CR contains several pro-life improvements. These include reinstating the ban on all taxpayer funding for elective abortion in the District of Columbia, reinstating the Mexico City Policy, eliminating funding for UNFPA, eliminating funding Title X, and reducing funding for international population control and family planning funding.

This is all great news but in reality is just undoing damage done since Obama became president.

In addition, according to LifeNews.com:

Meanwhile, 2 pro-life amendments are expected to be offered to the bill – including one from Congressman Mike Pence that would deny federal funds to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates since it is the largest abortion business in the nation….

Congressman John Fleming will offer a 2nd pro-life amendment that would prevent the expenditure of federal funds to rescind or modify the conscience-protecting regulations the Bush administration put in place for pro-life medical workers.

Recall I wrote the other day Republicans would try to defund PP 2 ways. You’ll see this reflected above by the attempted elimination of Title X funding as well as Pence’s amendment.

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