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  • RedState says the Obama administration is not releasing the CDC’s abortion data:

    Last year, contrary to the long-established practice, November came and went with no report posted on the CDC’s website. Over the following weeks, multiple visits to the site proved fruitless. The possibility the report was not merely delayed, but had in fact been axed from higher up, had to be considered.

    Last week, RedState began investigating by calling those in DC who might have some answers. After several attempts, we finally received confirmation from Rhonda Smith at the CDC’s press office in Atlanta that the report has been buried indefinitely; the CDC “will not have stats available at any time in the near future” and there “are no plans for them to come out any time soon.” This call took place on Jan. 27th, and we asked Ms. Smith for a reason that the report wouldn’t be issued anymore. She promised to check around and find out if there was any reason given and get back to us – as of the date of this posting, we have received no further communication from her office.

  • Reuters and ABC News are covering the second video in Live Action’s sex trafficking sting. The NY Times again has a blurb.

    Apparently, Planned Parenthood has no plans on firing the employee in the second video. From the ABC News article:

    “The Planned Parenthood staff member reacted professionally to a highly unusual person posing as a patient,” said spokesman Stuart Schear in a statement. “After the encounter, the staff member immediately notified her supervisor, who subsequently notified members of PP’s national security team, who are working with the FBI, which is investigating these visits.”

  • A landlord in KS is suing to stop Mila Means from performing abortions at the space she leases from him in Wichita.
  • The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is collecting money in an effort to bury the remains of children found at abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s clinic:

    Such a burial will have to wait, though, prosecutors say, because the remains are evidence in the case against Dr. Kermit Gosnell….

    Soon after the story surfaced, the archdiocese received numerous offers from the public to help, resulting in the creation of the Archdiocesan Infant Memorial Fund, said Cardinal Justin Rigali, the archbishop of Philadelphia.

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