I love it.

Live Action has received an email from a girl named Lauren who described paranoia at a California Planned Parenthood she visited this week.

This is all good. It means more lives will be saved as every PP employee in the land worries s/he is being videotaped or bugged at every turn. Staff will go overboard to ensure they’re complying with the laws in their state. About time.

The mass paranoia will also translate into employees quitting who say they don’t need this.

One nugget from the email. PP may be planning a rally in DC. Would love for pro-life activists to descend on their rally, if it comes to pass, with hundreds of huge graphic pictures of aborted babies.

Here’s the email. I’ve broken up the paragraphs for easier reading:

I walked into a Planned Parenthood this morning with the intention of picking up some of their brochures to use as examples for a project.

Two escorts, a man and a woman, greeted me. I told the woman I was a student at a local State University doing a project for a class that required gathering information on sex-ed programs. I told her I thought PP would be a good resource and might have some pamphlets I could use as part of my research.  She told me there are two sections of PP.  She took me to the community outreach section.

As we were walking in, two staffers were walking out carrying signs. We approached them and the escort asked what they were up to. They replied, “We’re going to a protest.”

I asked the escort what that was about and she said (in a very serious tone) that recently there has been a bill proposed to get Planned Parenthood de-funded and it looks pretty serious so that is why they are holding a protest to get people motivated to oppose it. I acted very shocked so she excitedly went on a little more.

Finally we came to the desk of the woman I needed to speak with. I explained my situation a little more, who is one of their outreach coordinators. She started questing me about my class, my professor, etc… I didn’t really have answers because I wasn’t expecting her to want this much detail so I played it off as being uncomfortable giving her that information.  She assured me that my professor wouldn’t be contacted. I asked if she could just give me some pamphlets that they hand out to anyone but she still hesitated to give them to me. So I told her I would talk to my group and email her that information.  She said she would be more than happy to put together a packet of brochures once I get her that info.

As I was walking out the escort noticed that my hands were empty and said, “Oh, I’m sorry honey, I even looked in the clinic for you and there is nothing there, no pamphlets, nothing even in the waiting room.”

I began to tell her what happened and she immediately said, “Well, we are having to be extra careful nowadays.  They probably hesitated in giving you information because of all the undercover people that have been coming into our clinics.” I pretended to not know what she was talking about so she continued. “They have been doing this for years but recently they sent a fake pimp and prostitute and caught a clinic manager saying some inappropriate things.”

I asked her why they would do this, and she basically said that there are extreme anti-choice groups that are trying to take down Planned Parenthood by any means necessary.  She went on about how upset she is that this necessary health care will be taken from women. I was just nodding my head.

Then she said that she thinks there will be a big rally/protest in Washington D.C. (the best part was she equated this rally with the ones in Egypt – and she was serious) to ensure that PP doesn’t get de-funded by Congress. She said that she would fly out there in a heartbeat if they were to put one on, even though she doesn’t have the money.  She was a very passionate pro-choicer.

In a sly way, I asked her if PP is getting scared or if they think they will overcome this since they are very popular and a lot of women use their services.  After stumbling through a few excuses for hope, she said yes, they are scared but are going to do whatever it takes.

Then I asked what she does as an escort and she explained that they walk women into the clinic because of the “crazy pro-lifers” who yell inappropriate things at them. She told me that today was a quieter day so I was lucky. :) I thanked her for her help, got her name, and left.

[Graphic via gapingvoid.com]

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