I mentioned at the bottom of a post yesterday that Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri has 107 open charges of criminal violations against it for illegal late-term abortions. Those charges, 23 of which are felonies, were brought in October 2007 by then Johnson County (KS) DA Phill Kline.

For simply trying to enforce existing KS law against illegal late-term and minor abortions, Kline has been mercilessly dogged by industrial, MSM, political, and judicial pro-aborts – even until now, over 2 years after leaving public office.

Kline is currently in the fight of his professional life as they try to make an example of him. He was the first US prosecutor to bring criminal charges against PP, and they want him to be the last. Next week Kline will be subjected to an ethics hearing for possible disbarment.

The crime? Being too pro-life. Read the disciplinary letter here, but following is the money quote (click to enlarge)…

The letter confirms Kline’s work charges weren’t without merit, in paragraph 2, stating, “We are not contending that Mr. Kline didn’t have legitimate matters to investigate….” And as I said, the case against PP as well as  an associate of George Tiller’s are still open.

Nevertheless, an “anti-abortion” prosecutor is demonstrating “conduct which is prejudicial” and a “conflict[] of interest” if attempting to uphold anti-abortion laws.

To be fair, doesn’t this mean pro-abortion prosecutors or judges must also recuse themselves from upholding pro-abortion laws? Or pursuing pro-lifers for any reason whatsoever? How could they without giving the appearance of prejudicial conduct and conflict of interest? Otherwise, carrying pro-life convictions would preclude one from pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Furthermore, I don’t know many prosecutors who are for murder but are prosecuting it, or for rape but are prosecuting it. Ridiculous.

Please consider donating to Kline’s legal defense to combat the political lynching being attempted against him, which has already cost over $100,000.

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