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  • Americans United for Life believes it is time to regulate RU-486 – the medical abortion pill. Planned Parenthood and the ACOG both recommend off-label use of the drug, which leads to greater risk of failure and more secondary surgical abortions.
  • Coming Home notes an often overlooked bit of information in one of Live Action’s recent Planned Parenthood sting videos. A PP worker acknowledges STD testing and treatment is done for free at county health departments, emphasizing “no fewer than 10 times” that PP charges around $160. She also advises blood donation for someone experiencing symptoms of an STD in order to be screened for free, which could put blood recipients in danger.
  • Fletcher Armstrong discusses the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s fund raiser with Gov. Mike Huckabee, noting that the presence of pro-abortion protesters signifies CBR’s strategy (showing graphic abortion photos) is having an effect.
  • Big Blue Wave reports LifeSiteNews is being sued by a Canadian priest who alleges he was defamed when LSN made public his pro-homosexuality, pro-abortion statements. The priest claims this caused him to be “removed from a position as a chief catechist for his diocese.”
  • Catholic Vote tells the amazing story of 3-year-old Chase Britton, who has baffled doctors by functioning without evidence of a cerebellum. Expected to be a “vegetable,” Chase is causing doctors to rethink “what they thought they knew about the human brain”:

  • Moral Outcry posts Marisol Sanchez’s article on building a Latino culture of life.
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