I received this email a few days ago (which the author gave me permission to post):

Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 12:24 PM
To: jillstanek@comcast.net
Subject: angry pro-lifers?

I am one of the younger generation that has been called to get involved in stopping the murder of innocent babies. I was invited to go pray at a local PP a couple of weeks ago. As my friend and I searched for a parking spot, a man began yelling at us. He obviously didn’t know why we were there. After we parked, he introduced himself and said that he has to do whatever necessary to stop these women form killing their babies. I was completely ashamed to be standing there next to him as he yelled at the people entering the clinic. I decided to go away from him and pray. I kept telling God I can’t yell at people like that. I began to ask Him what I was doing there, because I can’t do this. The only thing I felt is “I just want you to listen.” The only thing I could hear is that man yelling at those women.

So, my question to you is; do you think yelling at people really helps? If not, how do you get people to stop? I think this is why “Pro-Life” people have a bad name, and that man really needs to stop! I look forward to your response.

I asked my young friend what the man was yelling. She responded:

He was yelling things like:

They’re telling you lies in there.

You’re more likely to get cancer if you kill your baby.

They’re going to make it so you can’t ever have any babies.

They’re going to kill you in there.

They’re only trying to make money from killing your baby.

When someone said she was getting birth control:
They don’t give out real birth control, they want you to get pregnant so they can kill your baby.

To men walking in with women:
You’re letting them take more than your baby in there.

They’re going to kill her in there.

You’re going to lose your baby and its mother in there.

Is this really what being “Pro-Life” is supposed to be about?  I’m really struggling with this.

When I read what the man was calling out to abortion-minded mothers and fathers, it didn’t seem so bad. Maybe it was his tone. Or maybe the young person was taken aback by this form of activism. What are your thoughts?

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