We were made immediately aware of some of the pro-life wins and losses after Republicans and Democrats reached an 11th hour agreement April 8 on the FY11 budget.

We learned a ban against taxpayer funding of abortions in the District of Columbia was reinstated. We also learned that although Planned Parenthood was not defunded, US senators would be forced to vote on the measure, keeping PP in the news another week or 2 and potentially giving pro-lifers fodder in the 2012 elections.

But, I wrote, we did not yet know the outcome of other pro-life measures included in the House’s original budget for FY11: UNFPA defunding, Title X defunding, and restoration of the Mexico City policy.

Well, now that the dust has settled, here’s the news on those 3. As expected, neither UNFPA nor Title X were defunded, nor was the Mexico City policy reinstated. That’s the bad news.

The good news is the budgets for UNFPA and Title X were reduced, as was funding to international “family planning groups”:

  • Section 2120(e) (page 380, lines 10-17): adjusts UNFPA funding to $40 million (FY08 level).  UNFPA is the UN population control agency associated with China’s brutal one child policy. [Note: $55 million was appropriated for UNFPA in FY10.]
  • Section 2120(e) (page 380, lines 8-10): adjusts international population control/family planning funding to $575 million but does not reinstate the Mexico City Policy.  Without the Mexico City Policy these funds can be directed to foreign non-governmental organizations that promote and commit abortion. [Note: $648 million was appropriated for international population control/family planning in FY10.]
  • Section 1810(a)(2) (page 311, lines 22-25): adjusts Title X domestic family planning funding to $300 million (FY08 level). [Note: $317 million was appropriated for the Title X program in FY10.]

Note that funding for all 3 line items was scaled back to Bush-era levels.

But also note re: UNFPA that President Bush withheld all funding Congress allotted to the coercive organization for 7 years, from 2002 through 2008. So UNFPA actually got no US funding in 2008, even though $40 mil was set aside. In fact, over the course of those 7 years, Bush withheld a total of $244 million from UNFPA. One of President Obama’s first acts after taking office was to restore UNFPA funding – on January 23, 2009.

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