UPDATE 4/8, 5:41a: Below is the segment.

Lila really held her own while also managing to get in anti-Planned Parenthood talking points. Leslie Marshall was ridiculously off-base, pretending journalistic outfits never go undercover to get a story. Marshall must never have watch 60 Minutes.

And, as Lila points out, if only journalists would do their job investigating PP, she wouldn’t need to…


4/6, 5:31p: Lila Rose of Live Action is slated to discuss the latest on Planned Parenthood’s corruption and the need for undercover work on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor TONIGHT at 8p EST.

LA also has a new post on PP’s latest outrageous statement that “emergency rooms will be over-run” if their $363M in taxpayer funding is cut off.

Be sure to check it out.

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