Tomorrow is not only World Health Day, it is Pro-Choice Lobby Day in Washington, DC.

For weeks a coalition of pro-abort groups have been begging for 5,000 pro-aborts – a paltry number by pro-life standards – to show up to rally in opposition to defunding Planned Parenthood, among other turf take-backs pro-lifers are attempting in DC.

They’ve even found a couple stars still willing to be seen with them, Amy Madigan and Ed Harris. (Too bad. I used to like Field of Dreams, although I thought Harris was terribly miscast in Stepmom and won’t miss watching that or any of this pro-death duo’s other future projects.)

Pro-aborts have a big day planned, ending with a rally in the Russell Senate Office Building at 4:30p.

Wait a minute, the Russell SOB?

Oh my, “Pro-aborts, we have a problem,” to turn a phrase from another of Harris’s movies, Apollo 13.

This is because pro-life activists, led by Missy Smith and Jack Ames, have been given a permit to set up a huge, 11-panel Genocide Awareness Project display behind the Russell SOB from 7a to 7p tomorrow. Pro-aborts will not be able to miss it. See a sample panel below. (Click to enlarge.)

Activists are needed to help distribute flyers donated by American Life League. Read details here, along with contact information for organizers.

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