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  • The Washington Post has more about T.J. Atchison (pictured below), the young man who received the first injection of cells created from embryonic stem cells. This is rather sad:Raised Baptist in a small town where the main road has more churches than fast-food restaurants, Atchison nonetheless has no moral qualms about helping to launch the first U.S. government-sanctioned attempt to study a treatment using embryonic stem cells in people. The cells implanted into his spine were obtained from embryos being discarded at fertility clinics, he said.

    It’s not life. It’s not like they’re coming from an aborted fetus or anything like that. They were going to be thrown away,” he said. “Once they explained to me where the stem cells were coming from, once I learned that, I was okay with it.” 

    Even local Pentecostal pastor Troy Bailey who befriended Atkinson has a misguided view on what human embryos are:

    “I am adamantly against abortion in any form. It did cause me some searching and researching biblically what is the proper answer,” he said. “I don’t really see a baby’s life was destroyed for this to take place.”

  • Here’s another case of a mother being killed for her child:Kathy Michelle Coy’s twisted plot came to light after she arrived at the Bowling Green Medical Center Wednesday with a newborn boy, authorities said.

    Coy, 33, claimed the boy was hers, but hospital staff quickly deemed the case a “suspicious birth” and called police.

    The next day, investigators found the body of 21-year-old Jamie Stice in a wooded area off a highway in Oakland, KY, the Bowling Green Daily News reported.

[Photo via Washington Post]

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