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  • Fact-checkers at the New York Times – they’re not that good. From a pro-Planned Parenthood piece today by Luisita Lopez Torregrosa which was originally published in International Herald Tribune:

    Planned Parenthood is not all that big. It receives about $363M in federal government grants, according to its 2008-9 report. Not a cent of federal aid can be legally used for abortions, which make up only 3% of the organization’s services – which also include prescribing contraceptives and offering birth control advice, cancer screenings like mammograms and tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

  • 2 Delaware abortion clinics associated with abortionist Kermit Gosnell will likely remain closed:

    James Liguori, who is representing Panzy Myrie – the owner and sole shareholder of Atlantic Women’s Medical Services – said Monday that the clinic’s Wilmington location has been put up for sale and the owner and operators of the clinics “want to move on.”

    “They don’t want to start over,” he said.

  • The Tennessee Senate passed a resolution to change the state’s constitution to overturn a 2000 TN Supreme Court ruling which prevented a variety of abortion restrictions. The article doesn’t note if the state house has enough votes to pass it (2/3 are needed).
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