UPDATE 4/15, 12:27p: Here were the tallies for yesterday’s votes to defund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare, fyi:

House roll call vote on the Black/Roby resolution to defund PP: Passed 241-185-1.  231 Republicans voted FOR the resolution and 7 voted AGAINST the resolution (Bass, Biggert, Bono Mack, Dent, Dold, Frelinghuysen, Hanna).  1 Republican voted present (Amash).  178 Democrats voted AGAINST the resolution and 10 Democrats voted FOR the resolution (Boren, Costello, Critz, Donnelly, Lipinski, McIntyre, Peterson, Rahall, Ross, Shuler).  The following Members did not vote: Boehner (the Speaker does not generally vote), Reichert, Andrews, Giffords, Meeks, Olver.  Generally Members voted consistent with their vote earlier this year.  However, Rep. Reyes switched from a YES to a NO and Rep. Critz switched from a NO to a Yes.

House roll call vote on the Alexander resolution to defund PPACA: Passed 240-185.  237 Republicans voted FOR the resolution and no Republicans voted against the resolution.  185 Democrats voted AGAINST the resolution and 3 Democrats voted FOR the resolution (Boren, McIntyre, Ross).

Senate roll call vote on the Black/Roby resolution to defund PP: Failed 42-58.  42 Republicans voted FOR the resolution and 5 Republicans voted AGAINST the resolution (Brown, Collins, Kirk, Murkowski, Snowe).  53 Democrats voted AGAINST the resolution and no Democrats voted for the resolution.

Senate roll call vote on the Alexander resolution to defund PPACA: Failed 47-53 along party lines.

4/14, 12:19p: For what it’s worth, sources close to the situation told me yesterday they don’t believe Republicans intended to use PP as a bargaining chip, as has been speculated. They agreed it simply boiled down to Republicans not having the stomach to shut down the government over PP.

That said, Republicans did get a major concession from President Obama and Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid re: PP as part of the final Continuing Resolution FY11 budget deal: an agreement for both houses of Congress to hold a separate vote to defund PP as well as a vote to defund Obamacare.

The PP votes are largely symbolic as the ultimate outcome is already known. The PP defunding bill is expected to pass in the House, as it did in February (for the first time ever), and fail in the Senate, since 41 Dems have already committed to voting “no.”

But the reason Republicans and pro-lifers want to get congresspersons on record  is to use any votes against defunding PP to their advantage in the 2012 elections.

Furthermore, the stronger the vote tally for our side, the better it will be for us the next time Republicans consider such a measure.

One final interesting point is that Fox News is reporting the vote to approve the CR isn’t necessarily a done deal. Reps. Mike Pence and Jim Jordan are 2 important pro-life leaders who oppose Speaker Boehner’s CR deal leaving PP funding intact. There is outspoken opposition to PP funding on the Senate side as well, for instance, Marco Rubio


So it is still important to call your representative and senators and urge them to vote “yes” to defunding PP – today, because today is when both the House and Senate could vote on this. Hot Air explains:

Thanks to last year’s ObamaCare vote, Democrats in the Senate are already on shaky ground, especially Ben Nelson and possibly Bob Casey as well, and others.  The vote will force these red-state and purple-state Democrats to explain why, with a budget deficit of $1.6 trillion, the federal government should fund the abortion leader for any purpose, even if one can argue that the federal funds are somehow hermetically sealed away from the abortion process.

LifeNews.com added Joe Manchin of West Virginia to the list of vulnerable Democrat pro-life senators in 2012.

But Casey has already said he will vote against defunding PP.

Perhaps Democrats for Life gave him cover. President Kristen Day opposed shutting down the government if it came to defunding PP, although her rationale didn’t quite make sense…

(UPDATE on Day comment: Kelsey from SecularProLife points out that if Day’s comment was directed at Democrats, it makes sense. Kelsey’s right.)

[HT for Rubio video: Reader Jameson; HT for Day Facebook comment: The Cardinal Rules]

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