Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

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  • After Abortion, a blog that allows post-abortive men and women to verbalize and grieve over their abortions, spotlights a blog on one person’s post-abortion experience. It is crucial that pro-lifers learn how to effectively relate to post-abortive and abortion vulnerable women.

  • 40 Days for Life ends in 1 week – with at least 364 babies’ lives saved! Read the stories of participants in various cities across the country.
  • Big Blue Wave surveys readers on their pro-life heroes.
  • At Moral Outcry, Susan Tyrrell discusses how, in our society, the truth of human destruction is often more horrific than fiction.
  • Catholic Vote points out what is so obvious with this latest vote to preserve funding for Planned Parenthood – that it is the Democrats’ “Holy Grail.”
  • Hear Their Cries reports an NPR station backed off running ads for Planned Parenthood, but the subsequent heat they took from the left caused them to decide to “stay the course.”
  • Generations for Life introduces a young woman, Jessica Foti of Rockford, IL, who plans to walk across the US this summer with the Crossroads pro-life ministry.
  • ProLife Wisconsin notes the latest outrageous ad from PETA, which speaks out in favor of both animal and human sterilization.
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