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  • Lisa Graas tells of Christian Voices for Life’s harassment by the IRS, who has sent letters demanding to know “whether the group does ‘education on both sides of the issues,’ whether members of the group ‘try to block people to [sic] enter a … medical clinic’…, whether members of the group ‘attempt to talk to someone trying to enter a medical clinic,’ and to ‘please explain what you are [doing] during’ 40 Days for Life and Life Chain vigils.” The group is now receiving legal assistance from the Thomas More Society.

  • The Culture Vulture addresses the issue of the modern day eugenic movement, which is currently on a mission to identify and eliminate autistic children before birth. CV also shares the video story of Jason McElwain, an autistic teen who puts thoughts of this eugenic barbarism to shame:


  • Fletcher Armstrong writes about his participation in a recent radio debate which focused on father’s rights in an abortion v. mother’s rights, instead of on the rights of the preborn human:But if the preborn child is a human being — science tells us he/she is a living human being from the moment of fertilization — then it is the baby’s rights which are at stake, not the father’s.”
  • Coming Home posts the first article in a series on the issues of embryo adoption, IVF, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Catholic Vote discusses a 40 Days for Life pro-choice counter protest in Seattle.
  • Big Blue Wave discusses an article which claims women are being denied medication for extreme morning sickness and are therefore choosing to abort.
  • Accepting Abundance contrasts the peaceful prayer vigil at a Planned Parenthood with an act of vandalism across the street at a pregnancy resource center.
  • Abortion State has more information on the botched abortion call to 911 in WA. Thanks to a public record law, we now know the patient transported via ambulance was 16 years old.


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