Feminists for Choice has a post up, “Albinos in Tanzania are being raped for AIDS cure”:

In Tanzania, albinos, individuals with pigment deficiency, are being murdered for black magic purposes, and albinos girls are being raped because individuals believe they are a cure for AIDS…. [A]t least 63 albinos have been raped or murdered. The body parts of those murdered are used in black magic potions and spells to improve others’ love lives, business, or well being.

This is a horrific tragedy. But I have a solution. The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation reports preborn children can be tested via amniocentesis to determine if they are albinos.

Because we can readily anticipate Tanzanian albino children – particularly girls – will be unwanted children, and that they stand a great chance of living unhappy lives in abusive societies, I think they should be aborted. I agree with F4C in another post that “every child should be wanted and well cared for.”

So I was surprised by Pinky’s solution at F4C:

I believe education could have prevented the rape and murder of hundreds of albinos in Tanzania….

In Tanzania, individuals are left to believe word of mouth that states albinos are not human and have magical powers. As a result, innocent albinos are stripped of ownership of their lives and bodies when they are raped or murdered….

It is amazing to think about the problems that can be solved through education. Attacks on education in many instances are attacks against one’s ability to choose. If individuals are not aware of their options, then the lack of education limits their ability to make their own choices. I believe many of us forget that attacks on education are a pro-choice and feminist issue.

I am really, really surprised by Pinky’s response.  On the other hand, F4C opposes ultrasound legislation as “unnecessary, and patronizing” for fear it is “cloaked in anti-choice language that views women as agentless and incapable of coming to their own conclusions about what is best for their bodies and their lives,” even though its purpose is to educate mothers about the “lives and bodies” of preborn children, so even if they’ve been otherwise told that the children “are not human,” they can learn the truth.

But isn’t the logic abortion proponents apply to informed consent before abortions the opposite of the logic they apply to albino murders?

Oy, just when I thought we might have a breakthrough…

[Photo via Huffington Post]

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